1996Interpreting Lu Xun
1997The Diaspora in Postmodern Taiwan and Hong Kong Film (PDF)
2011Lu Xun’s ‘Toward a Refutation of Malevolent Voices’
2013Lai and the ROC Anniversary (PDF)(简体字)
2013Translating Lu Xun’s Mara (PDF)
2014Sado-Masochism, Steamy Sex, and Shanghai Glitter (PDF)
2018Re-contextualizing Lu Xun’s Early wenyan Essays in the Journal Henan (PDF)
2019Understanding Wild Grass by Talking to Oneself: Lu Xun’s Yecao through the Lens of Ziyan Ziyu and the Prism of the Past (PDF)
2021On the Sources of Lu Xun’s Treatise on Mara Poetry: Some Issues and a Few Answers (PDF)
2021Lu Xun’s Death: a Postmortem (PDF)